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cLGA® Land Grid Array Socket System

cLGA Land Grid Array Socket System • Product Specifications

• Socket Application Drawing

• 1mm Centerline, 31 x 31 Position Socket

• 1mm Centerline, 41 x 41 Position Socket

• .050" Centerline, 33 x 33 Position Socket

• 1mm Centerline cStack™ Board Stacking Connector


Gold over nickel plated beryllium copper spring land grid array socket system. Standard and custom sockets are available, as well as low-profile board and flex stacking connectors.

Ultra-reliable dual-compression sockets and connectors

The Amphenol InterCon cLGA® land grid array socket system brings conventional-connector-material construction to a high-performance, low-cost socket design. Gold-over-nickel plated beryllium copper spring contacts guarantee long-term connector performance, contact retention, and ruggedness in handling and use.

Millions of cLGA sockets are in use worldwide, in demanding applications ranging from handheld consumer products to supercomputer systems. The cLGA® socket is fully qualified under the EIA-540BOAE and Telcordia GR-1217-CORE specifications.

The cLGA product1 is available in standard .050" and 1 millimeter centerline configurations. A wide array of socket sizes and styles are available.

We selectively load standard products to create custom contact arrays. A two-piece housing design enables us to design custom frames with low tooling cost and short lead times for custom applications.

We produce large contact array sockets by combining multiple housings in an outer frame, for interconnecting high-signal-count multi-chip modules. Current products approach 4000 contacts per device, with 5000 contacts per device now in design.

The cLGA technology is also available as cStackTM board-to-board or flex circuit-to-board stacking connectors. In these product applications, the cStackTM connector is a low-cost, high-signal-integrity, solderless alternative to standard two-piece connectors.

Contact Amphenol InterCon Systems for engineering assistance in standard or custom socket and connector design and application.

1 U.S. Patent number 6,176,707 and 6,217,342. Other patents pending.


• Conventional connector material construction - gold over nickel plated beryllium copper contacts, high temperature thermoplastic housings.
• Solderless socket termination eliminates thermal stress of soldered socket products, allows field device upgrades.
• Patented contact retention feature for positive contact retention during handling and use.
• Positive housing stop during contact deflection for contact anti-overstress protection and superior shock and vibration performance.
• Custom and standard outer molded frames allow tailored designs for specific applications, or standard frames for cost effective solutions.
• Standard .050" and 1 mm centerline contact grid products available.
• Selectively loaded standard housings allow custom footprints at low tooling cost.